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The Super Pocket Atari Edition is a handheld gaming console that brings the golden era of video gaming right to your pocket. With 50 classic games from the legendary company, including, Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk, Crystal Castles along with games from the 2600, 5200, 7800 and the Atari Lynx!

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50 highly acclaimed ATARI games

Asteroids (Arcade)

Berzerk (Arcade)

Canyon Bomber (Arcade)

Crystal Castles (Arcade)

Frenzy (Arcade)

Liberator (Arcade)

Lost Tomb (Arcade)

Millipede (Arcade)

Missile Command (Arcade)

Night Driver (Arcade)

Pong (Arcade)

Skydiver (Arcade)

Super Breakout (Arcade)

Adventure (2600)

Aquaventure (2600)

Dark Cavern (2600)

Gravitar (2600)

Haunted House (2600)

Radar Lock (2600)

Save Mary! (2600)

Solaris (2600)

Street Racer (2600)

Submarine Commander (2600)

Tempest (2600)

Video Pinball (2600)

Wizard (2600)

Yars’ Revenge (2600)

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (5200)

Countermeasure (5200)

Final Legacy (5200)

Miner 2049’er (5200)

Xari Arena (5200)

Alien Brigade (7800)

Asteroids (7800)

Centipede (7800)

Dark Chambers (7800)

Desert Falcon (7800)

Fatal Run (7800)

Food Fight (7800)

Ninja Golf (7800)

Motor Psycho (7800)

Basketbrawl (Lynx)

Checkered Flag (Lynx)

Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop (Lynx)

Kung Food (Lynx)

Robo-Squash (Lynx)

Scrapyard Dog (Lynx)

Super Asteroids & Missile Command (Lynx)

Turbo Sub (Lynx)

Warbirds (Lynx)

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Atari-Inspired Colour Scheme

Preloaded Games
50 ATARI Classics

USB-C Charging
For fast charging. Cable included

Evercade Compatible
Over 45 cartridges with 500+ games

High Quality Screen
2.8” IPS Screen 320×240

Headphone Compatible
3.5mm jack socket

Atari Special Edition
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With only 2600 numbered units available, the Atari Super Pocket Special Edition is a collectible handheld that offers 50 games with a woodgrain design inspired by the classic Atari 2600.

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– UK/North America/Rest of World

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