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The Capcom Edition Super Pocket has 12 highly acclaimed arcade games from the Japanese publisher, including Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, 1942, and more alongside the console great Mega Man.

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12 highly acclaimed arcade games



1944 : The Loop Master

Bionic Commando

Captain Commando

Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting


Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS

Mega Man*

Final Fight

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Forgotten Worlds


Capcom-Inspired Colour Scheme

Preloaded Games
12 Capcom Arcade Classics

USB-C Charging
For fast charging. Cable included

Evercade Compatible
Over 45 cartridges with 500+ games

High Quality Screen
2.8” IPS Screen 320×240

Headphone Compatible
3.5mm jack socket

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*Mega Man is a home console version.
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