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technos edition

The Technos Super Pocket is a fantastic handheld gaming console featuring classic titles such as the arcade hits Double Dragon, Double Dragon II, Block Out, and the 8-bit favourite River City Ransom. Enjoy these timeless games on the go!

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technos console

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15 Highly Acclaimed Arcade and Console games

Double Dragon

River City Ransom
(8 Bit)

Double Dragon (8 Bit)

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone

Double Dragon
(8 Bit Handheld)

The Combatribes

Minky Monkey

Mysterious Stones: Dr John’s Adventure


Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge
(8 Bit)

Super Dodge Ball

Super Double Dragon (16 Bit)

Super Spike V’ball

Block Out

technos console front and back


TECHNOS-Inspired Colour Scheme

Preloaded Games
15 TECHNOS Arcade Classics

USB-C Charging
For fast charging. Cable included

Evercade Compatible
Over 45 cartridges with 500+ games

High Quality Screen
2.8” IPS Screen 320×240

Headphone Compatible
3.5mm jack socket

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